butter my biscuit... Charleston, SC

This past weekend my lovely boyfriend and I headed to the low country down in Charleston, South Carolina. I carefully researched as always to find some orgasmic culinary adventures for us. There were many options - soul food, desserts, and home stylin' cooking was a must.

The city itself is chock full of history; there are no mini-malls just new business' housed in the old buildings. Oh - and don't forget the plethora of palm trees.

Upon our arrival on Sunday afternoon, after a rainy drive, the sun greeted us in downtown Charleston at Kaminsky's Most Excellent Cafe. That is actually what it's called.

Kaminsky's is a bar/coffee house/dessert palace. The menu includes various hot, cold coffee/espresso concotions, teas and other specialty alcoholic drinks. But we weren't really interested in that portion of the menu. This was the only menu we needed...

I wish you could get the close up of those... Not as many options as I thought there would be but obviously plenty enough choice to be stumped as of what to devour.

After careful consideration I chose the top left creation the Italian Cream Cake described as a spice cake with coconut and pecans. My boyfriend chose the Madarin Orange Cake which he would have the virgin slice.

The mecca was probably 7 inches tall, 3 thick layers of spice cake filled with coconuty buttercream with coconut flakes of the outside frosting. The taste of the cake itself was just OK - I was looking foward to spicy moist cake but what I bit into was a bit bland and crumbly lacking moisture (and coconut). However, there was only a small portion of the cake left when I get the slice; I have a feeling it was older and the refrigerator sucked out the moisutre. Had it been a fresh cake - it would have had more potential to blow my mind.

My boyfriend's on the other hand was moist, dense but light orangey vanilla cake. The little madarin oranges in with the vanilla buttercream layer in the middle gave it a fresh bite.

I wish they were at room temperature however; the buttercream would have been nice and soft instead of the refrigerator taste and thick butter block consistency.

Overall, we left fairly satisfied and we left behind many enticing choices such as pumpkin spice, chocolate chip buttercream, key lime pie, pecan pie, heath cake, red velvet cake... and waaaay too many more.

After that there was a quick stop to Market Street Sweets where the open door and inviting samples lured us in; It's the little red awning in the picture to the right.The smell of praline was intoxitcated and there were more free samples galore. I didn't realize the Southern roots of praline until this trip; a mixture of pecans, heavy cream, butter and sugar (um .. what's not to love?). Unfortunately the sampling was enough and reluctantly walked out with nothing but a sugar high and a new love for praline.

here's some info:
Kaminsky's Most Excellent Cafe
78 N. Market St.
Charleston, SC 29401

Market Street Sweets
100 N. Market St.
Charleston, SC 29401
(843)-722-1397, www.riverstreetsweets.com

Time to go read the cookbooks I took out from the library and spend time with my love. I'm gonna try to finish up the 2nd day in Charleston tomorrow which includes round 2 of Kaminsky's, Bookstore Cafe, and the Hominy Grill.. mmmm.


Alicat said...

oooooooh sweet lor, that orange cake looks like heaven. When i was growing up i always chose an orange cake for my birthday -- this totally reminds me of that. Speaking of which - I need to find a kick ass recipe for orange cake!

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- i'm gonna be checking yours out. It looks fab! :O)

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