It's A Wonderful Life

There has been so much going on. Right before I moved to school, everything was chaotic and now I finally feel settled in here at the CIA. So, here I am to tell you, mostly like what you think I might, the CIA is amazing.

I feel so utterly fortunate to be able to pursue my baking and pastry dreams here at the CIA. Right now - I'm rounding out the last few days of Hearth Breads and Rolls class. My chef for this class has really pushed me and although frustrated and tired at times, I wouldn't have it any other way. In the beginning baguette shaping was such a task; My only thought was will I ever get the feel for this? Now as I'm slightly saddened moving onto the next class, Baguette shaping and all the other class tasks have become natural motions and a delight to work on everyday. The shaping of our baguettes, batards, and strands of various multi-piece challah has transcended to something more than what it seems. All over the CIA, weather they know it or not, students and patrons are savoring our breads, more beautiful by the day, and that is something to be proud of.

I really hope to return to this blog someday soon - I really enjoy writing it and being able to share this love with few who may read from time to time. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of our breads before it's too late.

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