Apricot Almond Danish Braid

This pastry creation from Baking With Julia was so enjoyable to create. Each part of this wonderful danish from the dough to the filling are made with scratch and so much (on the risk of being corny) love. Each fold and roll of the danish dough was so suspenseful, in a nervous, giddy delight; I pondered hopefully for flaky layers but somehow I knew it would not fail. After all the cookbooks and magazines I've read on pastry I felt I knew the dough even before attempting it.

This was the dough the day before the bake-off which was refrigerated till the next morning before it baked off and brought to my younger cousin's Birthday Brunch.

A blurry, close up. My eyes were deceiving me that day.

I can't even express how perfect and delicious it was. The danish's pastry was flaky, buttery, and light and the encased apricot and almond fillings melded harmoniously between the danish crosses. I plan on doing this again if the occasion calls (or not!); the possibilities for filling are endless. A great experience.

I know this entry lacks creativity but this weeks holiday baking has been quite exhausting. I didn't take any pictures yet but the repertoire includes Rugelach (with a variety of fillings), Caramel Nut Bars, Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies w/ M&M's, Butter Spritz Cookies (dipped in white and semi-chocolates and sprinkled with various nuts, sprinkles), Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, and Oatmeal-Trail Mix Cookies. Blogging will follow eventually once I catch up on my beauty sleep. Happy Holidays to all!


eliza said...

for some reasons i couldn't see picutres on your blogs. anyway, happy holidays to you too!

Brilynn said...

I can't see your pictures either, and I so want to! These sound amazing!

Lauren said...

ah! I am in such dismay to hear that... I'm gonna try and fix it - thanks for letting me know : )

Patricia Scarpin said...

Lauren, I also had problems to see the pictures yesterday, but I came back now and I guess it's solved.

What a beautiful bread - I'm stunned!!

I love apricots and almonds and the way you wrote about the making of this braid makes me wanna go to the kitchen right this moment to bake it, too!

It's really fantastic - and delicious, too, I'm sure!
What a talented baker you are!

Ivonne said...

It's so pretty, Lauren! Even though I own this book I've baked very few times from it. I must do so more! Enjoy the danish braid.